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Stagnant Water May Pose a Public Health Risk

As the country continues to loosen COVID-19 related restrictions and companies slowly begin to re-occupy their buildings, it’s important to be aware of additional health and safety issues. For instance, stagnant water can pose a serious public health risk to building occupants and visitors. During stay-at-home orders, buildings experienced little to no water usage, which results in stagnant water within the buildings water systems. According to the CDC, “stagnant or standing water in a plumbing system can increase the risk for growth and spread of Legionella and other biofilm-associated bacteria.”

Stagnant water can lead to:

  • Growth of pathogens such as legionella
  • Leaching of metals (lead & copper)
  • Accumulation of sediments
  • Growth of biofilms
  • Taste & odor issues
  • Accumulation of disinfection byproduct

legionella concerns in stagnant water systemsHillmann recommends following CDC and EPA guidelines on proper flushing procedures prior to re-occupancy. We’ve created a downloadable/printable Re-Occupancy Bulletin – Stagnant Water for your convenience. Please feel free to contact us for additional re-occupancy guidance.

Stay safe & be well!