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Hillmann Receives “The Biggest Culture Change” Award

Company culture is everything and we’re pleased to announce that Hillmann has received The Biggest Culture Change award. Our nomination was announced a few months ago as part of the program for the recent 2019 AEC Profitability Summit. To be considered for the award, our team had to complete the Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Assessment and Training Program. The Find the Lost Dollars™ Client Awards are designed to recognize companies in the Architectural, Engineering, and Environmental Consulting industry who have achieved the greatest financial impact, culture change, business process and systems improvement, and individual employee performance improvement. The program enables participating firms to improve financial performance and differentiate their value by being able to save their clients’ money because of careful scope and budget management.

Hillmann Consulting, LLC Culture Winner

At Hillmann, integrity, service, and business acumen are 3 of our 5 core values, and saving our client’s time and money is what makes us a true business partner. We’re not just a consultant. We’re not just a project manager or owner’s rep. We are the client’s eyes and ears, and we do what we do because we care. We’re a client advocate each and every day. Each member of our team participates in a multitude of continuing education seminars and training programs, and Find the Lost Dollars is just one example of those efforts. We invest in our team so that our team can do their very best for our clients. That includes employee health and well-being outside of the office. It’s part of our culture and essential to our purpose.

Find The Lost Dollars Client Awards Winners showcase the positive effect of using this Business Management Assessment and Training Program to change the mindset, behavior, reputation, and financial results of A&E firms. We’re honored to be recognized as this year’s Biggest Culture Change winner. To find out more about AEC Business Solutions and Find the Lost Dollars, follow June Jewell on LinkedIn. And don’t forget to follow Hillmann too!