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COVID-19 Re-Occupancy Services

As the nation continues to battle COVID-19, our team is working tirelessly to assist our clients as they develop a plan to re-occupy their buildings. Accordingly, we’ve developed a number of services aimed at making sure our clients’ buildings are adequately prepared for the nation’s temporary new “normal.” This includes addressing social distancing in common areas that would normally experience heavy foot traffic, particularly in heavily populated cities across the nation. In addition, we’re offering services that address indoor air quality issues to help ensure that the indoor air quality within any occupied space is considered optimal prior to re-occupancy. These services help address occupant concerns and reduce potential complaints.

Hillmann Consulting, LLC is pleased to offer the following COVID-19 Re-Occupancy Services:

  • COVID-19 Re-Occupancy Exposure Control Program

Hillmann’s program includes appropriate procedures and recommendations in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), and ASHRAE recommendations and guidelines to minimize the chance of employees, occupants, and visitors contracting the virus.

Our program provides guidance on Enhanced Pro-Active Cleaning, Indoor Environmental Conditions, Water System and Cooling Tower Management, Best Practices for On-going Occupancy, Hazard Communication and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements, and Training.  A standalone “Suggested Work Practices” section that can be shared with building tenants and occupants is also included.

  • COVID-19 Re-Occupancy Exposure Control Enhanced Program

Hillmann’s base program can be enhanced to include consultation with our Client, Director of Building Security, Fire Life Safety Director, Property Management, and Building Engineers to create specific Best Practices for On-going Occupancy Plans for each building.  Hillmann will facilitate discussions and provide site specific items such as foot traffic control for proper social distancing, locations of hand sanitizing stations, line layout and floor markings, and other facility specific issues. After implementation of the program, Hillmann will return to the site to observe the efficiency and effectiveness of the plan’s elements and discuss potential program improvements with the Client.

  • Limited Environmental Quality Inspection and Testing

Following implementation of the COVID-19 Re-Occupancy Exposure Control recommendations, Hillmann personnel will conduct a Limited Environmental Quality Inspection and Testing consisting of Indoor Air Quality Testing, Thermal Imagery/Moisture Content Survey, and HVAC Visual Inspection.

  • COVID-19 Oversight

Hillmann will provide on-going consultation, plan updates, and third-party cleaning and disinfection procedure oversight.

  • ATP Surface Sampling

Hillmann will collect surface adenosine triphosphate (ATP) concentrations on various non-porous, high-touch surfaces.  The ATP samples along with visual inspection and observation of the disinfection process will be utilized to assess the level of cleanliness of the sampled surface.

  • SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Surface Sampling

Hillmann will sample hard, non-porous surfaces for the detection of the genetic information (RNA) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to assist clients in determining the cleanliness of high-touch surfaces.

Contact your local Hillmann office to find out more about how we can assist as you prepare to re-occupy your space.

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